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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Virgin Megastore at Mall of Arabia

Feeling the need to continuously focus on all things Egyptian, I thought I should take you on a tour for some of the biggest retail names in technology here in Egypt. This time round, I'm starting off with Virgin Megastore. Oh Virgin.. Virgin, what's wrong with you?!

Unlike its sister branch in City Stars, The newly-opened branch in Mall of Arabia occupies smaller space, but manages to squeeze in pretty much everything that the store sells elsewhere. From laptops, TVs and everything in between to of course books and music; that store has it all as you would expect. The problem is, what exactly does it sell?

It feels like Virgin Megastore -I'm talking about both branches here- is losing it's identity and got lost trying to stack up whatever it could get its hands on, but the truth is, I could get anything that store sells elsewhere. The smartphones section carries no surprises for you; The Samsung Nexus S, HTC Sensation and Evo 3D top the selection. The store is very unoriginal that I haven't even spotted a tablet section, which could've been their selling point. I've also noted a bunch of TVs lying around, but again, nothing special.

I would go as far as to say that the store has become a disgrace to the Virgin brand, which has always been about the great customer experience. Perhaps, Virgin Megastore should start looking into what can possibly make it different from -say- Computer Shop or Compume. Why not start selling Kindles or Nooks?! Just a thought.


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    1. Thanks! Feel free to mention any topics that you want to be discussed here on "The Egyptian Geek".